Bespoke Wedding Scent by St. Clair Scents.

Bespoke Wedding Scents

For most people, our wedding day is one of the happiest and most memorable times of our lives. It is filled with expectation, hope for the future and the love of family and friends. It is made special through celebrations of festive food, clothing, prayers and vows, and other traditions held dear by the couple being wed.

A wedding day can be made even more memorable by creating your own unique scent to wear throughout the celebrations. St. Clair Scents can help create a bespoke fragrance that is yours alone. Whenever you smell it, it’ll remind you of these special memories of love and commitment.

The Process of
Crafting Your Bespoke Scent

This service is for people who love scent and want to actively engage in the process of making their own wedding fragrance.

Diane St. Clair, St. Clair Scents’ perfumer, will meet with you at our farm in Orwell, Vermont, preferably at least three months before the wedding. We will spend about 90 minutes together, talking and sampling the smells of oils, absolutes and other aroma molecules. Together, we will choose up to 12 aroma notes that appeal to you and will blend harmoniously to comprise the bespoke scent.

Following our meeting, you will receive two different samples, from which you’ll make your final selection. St. Clair Scents will then hand formulate and bottle the fragrance in a 15 ml French glass perfume bottle, which will be delivered to you.

Contact us  to learn more about this service and to schedule an appointment.

“Perfume is a story in odors, sometimes, a poetry of memory.”

Jean-Claude Ellena, Noted French Perfumer