Diane St. Clair standing in field


The mission of St. Clair Scents is to design and hand-make beautiful, unique fragrances that encourage people to find a new appreciation for the sense of smell and how it can enhance the sensual enjoyment of life.

I first gained notoriety as a crafter of artisanal dairy products, supplying some of the best fine-dining establishments in the U.S. I am based on our farm in the beautiful Champlain Valley of Vermont.

My daily work, in nature and with animals and the environment, creates much of the inspiration for my scents.

I have been studying the art of perfumery under the guidance of my teacher and mentor, Eliza Douglas, a perfumer trained in Grasse, France.

As I have done in making artisanal, farmstead food, I am interested in creating scent in a similar fashion: producing it with an individual vision and in small batches using fine ingredients. My perfumes are bottled by hand, each one a work of art on its own. My scents are all unisex.

I hope that these scents provide a gateway to experience olfactory pleasure and, through scent, visceral remembrances. As the renowned French perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena once said, “Perfume is a story in odors, sometimes, a poetry of memory."