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St. Clair Scents — Part II: Gardener’s Glove, Frost & First Cut Reviews

Gardener’s GloveFrost, and First Cut encapsulate the philosophy and world of their creator, Diane St. Clair, who was profiled at length in Part I. On an olfactory level, they are nature-based bouquets (with roughly 80% natural raw materials or essences) that embody the smells of the world around her — the gardens, flowers, meadows, grass, hay, woods, and earth — but they are also extensions of her artisanal philosophy . . .


“Now smell this” fragrance review

Just for the sake of comparison, St. Clair reminds me a little of indie lines like Sonoma Scent Studio and Dasein, but it has a distinctive New England sensibility. Overall, I enjoyed wearing these fragrances, especially as they settled on my skin and became part of me.


St. Clair Scents Brings the Farm to Perfumes

Vermont foodies know Diane St. Clair as the maker of the high-end butter named for her Animal Farm. She sells the hand-churned golden dairy product to a small number of prestigious restaurants including the French Laundryand Per Se. Recently, though, the 61-year-old Orwell farmer made the transition to a new medium: perfume.


ÇaFleureBon Profiles in Perfumery: Diane St. Clair of St. Clair Scents + From the Farm to Fragrance Draw

Profile: The themes of my childhood were spending time alone, but not being lonely; a deep and abiding love for being on farms, with their animals and regular rhythms, and enjoying hard work.


St. Clair Scents gardener's glove-new perfume review

From producing farm-fresh comestibles for world class eateries to high perfumery is not that big of a stretch when you think about it; both require extraordinary natural ingredients, passion and belief in your work, patience, intention, and commitment.