Perfume books and flowers sitting on a desk


Perfumes are for external use only! Avoid contact with eyes and do not swallow perfume.

Keep fragrance away from children and pets

Do not apply to sensitive, broken or inflamed skin areas.

Many essential oils in perfume can cause a rash on skin when exposed to the sun. Try to wear perfumes on skin which is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Perfume will last longer if it is kept in its original box, away from light, as well as stored in a cool place. Perfumes last longer when applied to moisturized skin. Their aroma also tends to last longer on hair and fabric (thus the practice of women spraying their scarves with perfume!)

Whether you have a signature scent or love to change your perfume by the day, the joys of smell and aroma can turn a bad day into one of joy and beauty.